About Our Salon

Hair Collection Tokyo


What you see, what you touch, what you smell…
We ensure a relaxing atmosphere to soothe all your senses,
imbued with first-class hospitality and comfort.

Our salon philosophy is to “captivate the senses” by stimulating all five of the senses.

Experience supreme relaxation with our “Divine Head-Spa” in a semi-private atmosphere, the service enriched with deeply refined beauty techniques. Allow us to offer you “total beauty service” tailored to your taste and life-style.

見るもの 触れるもの 薫るもの・・・すべてが心地よい空間であるように、
当サロンのコンセプトは 『お客様の五感を魅了するサロン』
個室型空間《極上のヘッドスパ》で究極のリラクゼーション体験と 洗練された美容テクニックを用いて、